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Just a Little Provocative? Really?

Here’s what a like about the Title, Just a Little Provocative. I can be a little provocative or a lot…or not at all. My wife and I will be driving and I will bring up a rather arcane subject and she will always say, “How do you think of the sh#t.” Being self employed and spending a good deal of time either driving or walking the dog or cycling or sailing, and if you are any sort of a “deep thinker”, random thoughts just happen. And I like that. I like to comment on things that I see or hear, or what others talk about. Go to Starbucks (too frequently) you can watch how people interact or mostly don’t interact. Be that fly on the wall and watch that as Starbucks customers are waiting for their latte to be made, have their heads buried in their phone. Remember the days of waiting for your order to be fulfilled and you would smile at the person next to you and maybe have a conversation? Not much any more. The phone screen is king. For some reason there is always something happening on your phones screen. I also do it but I also like to watch the scenery and even talk. Yikes! But I digress. And that is what this blog site is all about. And, of course, I would love to hear your comments. Please do! And stay tuned for more miscellaneous ramblings.